What to do when your AC Unit Freezes up? -Fix Frozen AC

Do you know what to do when your AC unit freezes up? Read the full article carefully to know how to fix a frozen AC unit. People face problems such as ice on outside AC unit in winter, air conditioner frozen outside, outside ac unit freezing up in winter, etc. In this article, you can learn how to fix frozen AC.

Turn off your AC unit from the power outlet and allow the ice to melt. Please note, it may take a whole day for the ice to melt completely. Choose a day when you plan to spend time somewhere else, just remember any pets in the house and the forecast. If day breaks do not occur, turn off the AC but leave the blower on.

Try to avoid using Air Conditioner while the evaporator coils are frozen. Starting AC with frozen coils presses the AC compressor. AC compressor is the most expensive in your air conditioning unit. Adversity can damage this precious part and cost you unplanned costs. Finally, do not follow the advice to break the ice with a heavy object or a sharp tool. This easily spoils things and creates new problems.

What to do when your AC Unit Freezes up?

Your air conditioner is Freezes up. Now your house is hot, and you are sweating. That is not good. Why did this happen? How do I keep my Air Conditioner from Freezing up? Possible 05 Reasons & solutions are written below.

what to do when your AC unit freezes up

01. Clean Air Filter when AC Airflow is Blocked

The air conditioner is designed to absorb heat from your home to lower its temperature. If there is not enough air flow over the evaporator coil, heat exchange is not possible as it is designed. The coil is very cold and falls into cold temperatures. The humidity in the air affects the coil and the moisture that accumulates on the surface. The boiler freezes to coils, and you get a frozen air conditioner. This is the most common cause of cold windows and central air units. The inserted airflow can come from a dirty filter, blocked ductwork, or a dirty evaporator coil.

Restricted air circulation is a major cause of malfunction of heating and cooling systems or improper operation. Similar to a clogged filter, retrieving blocked air and registers prevents adequate airflow. This causes your system to work harder without having to release cold or hot air.

Clean Dirty Air Filter of AC

The air filter is a major cause of the frozen HVAC system. An air filter cleans the air that is pumped into your home. Over time, it eliminates pollution, pollen, dust, and other diseases. This prevents airflow and HVAC coils from freezing. Generally, we recommend that you check your filter every month. Adjust as needed. For most people, this happens every three months. Filter changes vary depending on factors, such as:

  • The type of filter you have
  • Presence of children or pets at home
  • Season also if you live in a high pollinator
  • Whether a family member smokes
  • A family member living with asthma, allergies, COPD, or severe heart conditions
  • If you often use your system

02. Refill Refrigerant if AC Unit have Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner is responsible for cooling when refrigeration levels are very low. Even if there is a small refrigerator in your system, it should increase the same amount. With further increase comes a cooler temperature. Once again, the coil falls below freezing and humidity and freezes.
Remember – in that case, your air conditioner is leaking in the fridge! Some HVAC experts will try to convince you that air conditioners from time to time need to be “renewed” and charge you for the cost of regular calls. Don’t fall for this scam. If your unit is low on the refrigerator, it leaks and needs to be repaired.

As part of the season planning, the professional HVAC contractor conducted a thorough inspection. This includes checking the cooling and charging levels if necessary. Think you might have a coolant leak? There are a few signs. For example, is your AC blowing hot air? Do you hear the screams? AC specialists use measuring instruments to check levels again. Avoid handling cool chemicals, as they may be toxic. Hire an AC professional or expert if possible.

03. Don’t set Air Conditioner Temperature Is Vey Low! at Night

You don’t want to use an air conditioner all day, every day. Not just because it costs a good penny, but because it can cause serious problems for your unit. Pay attention to heat – if it drops too much while your unit is running, it can be cold. Lower temperatures reduce the pressure in the unit, and, much like in a low refrigerator, low pressure means that coils are much colder. Moisture from the air thickens and hardens in the coil.
You will face problems when the temperature is about 62 ° F. For safety, turn off the air conditioner when outside temperatures reach 65 ° F at night.

04. Clean Evaporator Coils

Condensate lines emit excess moisture into your HVAC system. When something is blocked in a line, water gets stuck and most of the water freezes. With frozen water in your lines, you can also be left with frozen HVAC coils.

Over time, the evaporator coils attract dust, hair, dirt, and form clogs. If there is moisture trapped inside the lump, the moisture builds up and the coils also freeze. Frozen coils reduce airflow. This causes your system to work harder or not work at all. Excellent protection for frozen HVAC coils to secure storage. KS services check the evaporator coils and other units of your AC unit during AC opening. Save money, avoid AC repairs, system crashes, and future frozen HVAC with standard air conditioning service.

05. Replace AC parts When it is Malfunctioned or Not Working Properly/ Broken

This is probably the worst option for your piggy bank. Check to see if the refrigerator line has been removed. Is the fan consumed or incomplete?
If the refrigerator line, blade machine, or car is broken and cannot be repaired, you will need to seek the help of an HVAC specialist and pay for the replacement parts. If the damage is severe enough, you may need to consider replacing the unit completely.

outside ac unit freezing up in winter

How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit?

You do not want to call an HVAC specialist in your home if you can help. If your A / C unit is frozen and you want to try repairing it yourself, take the following steps:

  • Turn off the air conditioner.
  • Allow the coil to dissolve.
  • Check the air filter of Air conditioner. If it is dirty or clogged, clean it immediately and if possible replace them.
  • Check the evaporator coil. If it is dirty, clean it with compressed air, commercial cleaning products, or water/cleaning solution.
  • See ductwork for obstruction, leakage, bending, or amputation.
  • Make sure no registers are blocked.
  • Remove the registers and look inside the pipe. If it looks dirty, clean your ductwork professionally.

If your air conditioner is stopped, it means your refrigerator is down or the blower or refrigerator is damaged. Contact Air Conditioner experts to fix your AC problems from your nearest location.

Take Appropriate Preventive Measures to Avoid AC Unit Freezes Up

Of course, the best way to avoid making DIY repairs on your air conditioner in a hot house is to do a routine test on your unit before a problem arises. Take any of the following precautions and greatly reduce your risk of getting into this problem:

  • Change the air filter every 2-3 months
  • Check the integrity of your operating system
  • Make sure no registers are blocked
  • Inspect the coil for debris and dust
  • Only run the unit when the outside temperature exceeds 65 ° F

But if all your preparation is empty and your unit is solid, you know who to call. Hire ab AC expert who has experience in problem-solving, repairing, and installing air conditioners in the USA. Whether the window or air units are in the middle, we will repair or replace it at any time, day or night.

Final Words on What to do when your AC Unit Freezes up

Active and restrictive mind work saves money all year on your energy bill and keeps your spirit running smoothly. Avoid snow headaches on your HVAC system evaporator coils for good airflow and regular service.

Hope you learned how to fix a frozen ac unit and what to do when your AC unit freezes up. If you face problems such as ice on outside AC unit in winter, air conditioner frozen outside, air conditioner frozen pipe outside, outside ac unit freezing up in winter, you can try to fix it. Otherwise, call an AC service expert today and schedule your AC unit repair for your heating and cooling system.

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