PA System Supplier and Its Price in Bangladesh

Finding out a genuine PA system with actual prices is almost tough in Bangladeshi marketplaces. PA or public address systems are such products that usually use in most offices, restaurants, institutes, religious organization homes, etc. However, in this article, we will discuss the basics of the PA system and its price.

What is a PA system?

A PA system is a set of multiple pieces of equipment or devices that are connected. The main purpose is related to producing sounds by using different types of equipment like the speaker, microphone, amplifier, horn speaker, mike, etc.

There are several types of speakers such as column/ box/ wall speakers, ceiling speakers, garden speakers, portable pa amplifiers, etc. The microphone also comes in different types like tie/collar mics, directional mics, handheld mics, wireless mics, head mics, etc.

Another important piece of equipment is the amplifier that produces sounds. For example, the microphone capture sounds and pass to the amplifier. Next, the amplifier processes the sounds and gives output to the speakers that audiences listen to.

The amplifier has different watts like 30, 60, 120, 240, 480, and more. What capacity needs that depends on the total watt of the speakers. Connecting these kinds of PA system equipment there requires speakers and microphone cables.

What is the price of the PA system in Bangladesh?

PA system price varies depending on the quality and brand. Even their models can also affect the price. Today we will analyze the price of some international brands.


BOSCH is an international brand that manufactures PA systems and conference systems, home appliances, tools, etc. It is a German brand. At this current time, the price of BOSH products is high than the other brand’s products in Bangladesh. They manufacture first-class products with very satisfying performance.

A column speaker price starts from 9,000 Tk. to above and the ceiling speaker price starts from at least 2,000 to above depending on the watt capacity. BOSCH manufactures amplifiers too. Their manufactured amplifier range starts from 30 watts. 30-watt capacity amplifier price is about 30,000 Tk.


TOA is a Japanese brand that manufactures quality PA systems and conference system products. There are remarkable users of TOA products in Bangladesh. Its price is slightly less than BOSCH. For example, a speaker starts from 6,000 Tk. whereas the BOSCH price starts from 9,000 Tk. The rest equipment is also a bit less than BOSCH. That does not mean its quality is less. TOA  is a reputed brand in Bangladesh specially for the PA and conference system industries.


It’s a Chinese brand that manufactures both PA and conference systems. There is demand for these ITC products in the Bangladesh market. Its price is far different than the BOSCH and TOA. Though its longevity is not as good as the BOSCH and TOA, users get a good service with a tight budget.


It’s an Indian brand. There is a tendency to use Ahuja PA system in most offices, buildings, mosques, etc. But not the BOSCH, TOA, ITC is being popular in Bangladesh. Ahuja PA system is cheap and close to the ITC.

PA system supplier and solution provider in Bangladesh

Looking for a PA system supplier in Bangladesh is a bit tough as there is a lot of supplier in these marketplaces. You will find both online and offline markets places that are experts also in giving a complete solution on this.

We found the supplier “Olefins Trade Corporation” who are supplying all kinds of PA system products and solutions. You can check the latest price of PA system in Bangladesh from their website. They also supply conference systems, security systems, guard tour systems, PABX systems, access control systems, etc. Olefins Trade Corporation has more than 14 years of experience in this sector.

Otherwise, you find a remarkable number of suppliers in the Bangladesh market online. Try to find a supplier who has a long time experience in this industry to get satisfying products and services.

What to consider when buying a PA system?

When you decide to purchase a sound system, your priority should be brand. Try to find a good brand if you want a long-time service. For the amplifier, choose the watt capacity according to the speakers. For the microphone, choose what type you need wired or wireless. For wireless, you have to make a good budget. Before buying speakers, choose how many quantities you need. Speaker’s needs for depending on the size of the room/ space.

However, to buy a PA system you should make a checklist of the requirement. To do it, you can consult with a related technical engineer. If you have further queries, leave a comment or contact a qualified supplier.

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