1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh with 20% Discount Offer!

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1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh 2023

You may find a difference in the 1 GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh because different hosting companies’ offers are different. We are providing a cheap 1GB hosting price with the best hosting service.

  • 1GB Yearly Price = 1000 Taka (Regular Price BDT 1250) 20% OFF
  • 5GB Yearly Price = 3000 Taka (Regular Price BDT 4000) 25% OFF

Features of Our 1GB Hosting in Bangladesh

✓ 1 GB NVMe SSD Disk Space
✓ 1 GB RAM
✓ Free Domain SSL
✓ cPanel Control Panel
Unlimited Bandwidth
✓ Up to 1 Website Host
✓ Subdomains: 3
✓ Email Account: 1
✓ MySQL Database: 1
✓ LiteSpeed Webserver
✓ Server uptime: 99.9%

As you checked already our 1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh, So buy this 1GB Hosting Plan before the 20% discount offer is expired. Thank you!



1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh 2023

Hosting companies offer many packages for different features. Some additional benefits are added according to the 1 GB hosting package. So you should choose the right package as per your needs and budget. There are many local and foreign companies who provide hosting services but it is better to buy from local companies hosting to avoid the hassle of transactions with USD currency.

Also, you will get more immediate support from your local hosting provider than a foreign hosting company. If your website visitors keep growing and if you need a little more space then the Xtreme Host package 5 GB or 10 GB hosting package may be the best option for you.

Buy A 1GB Hosting in Bangladesh with A 20% Discount!! -Offer May be Closed Soon…

Many hosting companies offer very cheap prices of hosting. After purchasing that, you will suffer in the long run. Because they won’t you support quickly and their server will be down most of the time. That’s why your website will down and your visitor won’t see your website during the downtime. Also, some of their hosting servers are slow.

As a result, you will see your website is loading slowly and taking more time to load fully. We use LiteSpeed Server and maintained the server well, so your website will be fast. We use server security to protect your website. So, before purchasing you need to take the right decision.

When Do You Need A 1GB Hosting Package?

There are different hosting plans including 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, and so on. If you running a blog site or portfolio site or learning to make a website for testing purposes, you may take a 1GB hosting package, because you just need to run a small website. But, if you are doing a serious Adsense-based blog, you should choose a 5GB or 10 GB Hosting Package. Because, you will get lots of features with a 5GB and 10 GB Hosting Package such as 2 GB RAM, more Bandwidth for your website visitors, and lots of other features also.

Why Do You Need A 1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh Not other Hosting Package?

For those who are beginners and want to run a blog site, you can choose 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, or 5 GB hosting. Because at first but you will need a little more space when visitors are growing to your website and new content is being added.

If you are planning to run a business website, you must need at least 5 GB or 10 GB of hosting otherwise, you won’t get good performance and the website may run slowly and will down when more visitors will enter your site. As we are talking about the price of a 1GB hosting package, see all features of this package and buy an Xtreme Look IT hosting plan from us to get a good quality service.

You can also hire us for designing your business site, eCommerce site, or any kind of website. We provide all kinds of website design and content marketing services also such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For Any kind of help knock on our Facebook page:

Hopefully, you see the 1GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh and are ready to buy our 1 GB Hosting Package. Thanks!


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