Vision TV Price in Bangladesh 2024 -24, 32, 43″ LED Smart TV

Looking for a Vision TV price in Bangladesh 2024? Vision has LED TV and Smart 4k Android TV. Vision TV available sizes are 24″, 32″, 43, 50, 55, 75 Inch also. You can buy a Vision LED Television according to your requirements and budget. See Vision Smart TV price in Bangladesh and its features.

 Are you planning to buy a new Vision TV for your home or office? You may be confused about how to choose the best television. Here is a complete guide for purchasing Vision Smart LED TVs. Vision Android Smart LED TV is the most demandable and popular TV in Bangladesh. See all models of Vision TV Price in Bangladesh 2024.

Vision TV Price in Bangladesh 2024 & Their Specifications

Vision TV price in Bangladesh starts from 12,000 Taka and up to 306,000 Taka. Vision TV has different types of models and sizes. Vision Android TV price in Bangladesh is reasonable compared to other brands. Check out all Vision LED TV price in Bangladesh 2024.

List of Vision TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

Vision TV ModelsVision TV SizeRegular PriceOffer Price
VISION LED TV G0224 Inch৳ 14,400৳ 11,650
VISION LED TV V7 Infinix32 Inch৳ 27,500৳ 16,300
VISION Android Smart Voice Controlled TV32 Inch৳ 29,100 ৳ 22,900
Vision LED TV E30 Android Smart Infinity32 Inch৳ 29,100 ৳ 22,900
Vision Voice control E7S Android Smart TV39 Inch৳ 39,000৳ 31,900
Vision Smart Voice Controlled Android TV43 Inch৳ 42,900৳ 40,900
Vision LED TV Google Android 4K G3S Galaxy Pro50 Inch৳ 69,900৳ 55,000
Vision LED TV Google Android 4K G3S Galaxy Pro55 Inch৳ 79,900৳ 67,000
Vision LED TV Google Android 4K G6S Galaxy Pro65 Inch৳ 325,000৳275,250
VISION LED TV 3D 4K H01 Smart75 Inch৳ 360,000৳ 306,000
List of Vision LED TV price in Bangladesh 2024

FAQ About Vision TV Price in Bangladesh

How much Vision LED TV 24 Price in Bangladesh?

The Vision LED TV 24″ price in Bangladesh 20322 is approx. 14,400 BDT (Discount Price).

How much Vision LED TV 32 price in Bangladesh?

The Vision 32″ LED TV price in Bangladesh 2024 is approx. 27,500 BDT and after a discount price 23,375 Taka.

How much Vision smart TV 32 inch price in Bangladesh?

The Vision 32 inch smart tv price in Bangladesh 2024 is approx. 29,100 BDT and a discount price 24,735 Taka.

How much Vision 43 inch 4K Smart Android TV price in Bangladesh?

The Vision 43 Inch smart TV price in Bangladesh 2024 is approx. 42,900 BDT and a discount price 36,465 Taka.

How much Vision 4k Android TV Price in Bangladesh?

The Vision 4K android TV price in Bangladesh 2024 is approx. 69,900 Taka (50 Inch), 79,00 Taka (55 Inch) and 325,00 Taka (75 Inch).

vision tv price in bangladesh

Specifications of Vision LED TV

Any Vision TV is efficient on many levels, including energy efficiency. So if you are looking for Vision Android TV prices in Bangladesh, know that it is still possible to get this TV at an incredibly affordable price.

Vision TV takes your viewing experience to a whole new level. This TV has a clean modern look and design that will enhance the look of the room. The design also blends in with most styles. The TV is frameless and elegant, which adds to its overall captivating appeal. You will also enjoy wireless connectivity with this TV.

It comes with a smart module that helps by customizing the user experience. Likewise, it gives you access to many popular apps like YouTube and Netflix. This is a high-quality TV that is powered by Android and offers a 2160p resolution that provides clear picture quality.

With its bezel-less and ultra-thin design, you’ll enjoy it even more. Vision TV has a pristine flat screen and runs on the Android operating system. It delivers razor-sharp image quality that appeals in every sense and to a variety of tastes. Thanks to Dolby Sound, it is complemented by high-quality sound. Users can stream all the music and movies they like from Netflix and YouTube using a wireless connection. You can even control Vision Television with your mobile phone. All you need is the TV app on your phone.

Being a smart Vision TV, it is packed with many amazing features that complement each other smartly. It also has great HDMI support for connectivity which is very cool. All this has greatly improved its general efficiency and comfort for you. If your TV has an HDMI port, you can connect it to your laptop and play or work on the big TV screen. As a result, you will not only get much better quality but also a unified transfer after deployment.

Saves energy
Vision TV is Energy Star compliant. This means it prevents greenhouse gas emissions by meeting various strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the country’s Environmental Protection Agency along with the Department of Energy. Vision TV also gives you access to many amazing channels with the added benefit of personalized entertainment.

You will be able to customize the fun and enjoy more as you want. When it comes to picture quality, you will greatly appreciate the picture quality of this high-definition TV. Since there will be no high electricity bills when using it, you can save money. As a result, it will improve your lifestyle and your livelihood.

Voice assistant
The great news is that you can connect your Vision TV to Google Assistant or Alexa, so you get a command to control your entire home. You can control your magic remote with just your voice. Once you connect your Vision Smart TV to these devices, you’ll even be able to turn the TV on and off using Alexa. These are just parts of the great innovative improvement this TV has received in its design and construction.

Why You Should Choose Vision Smart Android TV?

There are many reasons to believe that Vision TV is the best option for a new television. Here are some key reasons:

  • Vision TVs are known for their excellent picture quality. Vision LED TV provides nice colors with good display resolution.
  • Vision TVs also offer great value for money. Vision TV can be a good choice for those who don’t have enough budget.
  • Vision TVs are also known for their reliability. This means that you can expect your Vision TV to last for many years without any major issues.

Pros of Vision Smart LED TV

Some advantages of Smart LED TVs include:

  • Vision Smart TVs are more energy efficient than traditional TVs, saving you money on your electricity bill.
  • Vision smart 4K TV picture quality is better than non-smart TVs.
  • Vision offers a wider range of features and apps than traditional TVs.
  • You can connect them to the internet, allowing you to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more.

About Vision Android Smart LED TV

Enjoy a cinema-quality picture at home with a range of large Vision LED TVs. Vision Smart TV easily turns your home into a theater. Vision TV creates masterpieces of color, contrast, lighting moods, fantastic picture quality, and sound from one set. Here you will find a list of all participating Android UHD TVs with 4K resolution and Dolby surround sound systems.

First, the best: Whatever type of TV you prefer, Vision has the perfect model for you. Are you a die-hard movie buff, design lover, series fan, or casual viewer? Whoever you are, you’ll find what you need here. For a general idea, we offer you this brief presentation of the most important models. You just have to decide which one is yours.

Final Words on Vision TV Price in Bangladesh

The renowned Vision TV is made in our country Bangladesh and exported to various countries. I hope this information about Vision smart android TV prices in Bangladesh helps you. See other posts of different brands of TV such as SONY TVLG TVWalton TVSinger TV, and Samsung TV prices, and features on our website. Comment below with your opinion on Vision TV price in Bangladesh. Thanks!

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