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Are you looking for the cheap domestic air ticket price in Bangladesh? Then this article is for you about domestic flights in Bangladesh. BD domestic air ticket price 2024 is listed here for different routes in Bangladesh. Domestic airlines in Bangladesh ticket price starts from 3000 Taka to 9300 Taka.

There are domestic flights on various routes in Bangladesh. Every day, thousands of people go from one city to another through these domestic flights. Traveling on domestic flights is a smart move. Saves once, energy and also reduces the risk of an accident. Today I will discuss various aspects of domestic flights. See below the definition of a domestic flight. In addition, I will discuss the domestic airlines in Bangladesh ticket prices. Here you can easily book domestic flights online.

What does a domestic flight mean?

There are two types of flights according to their destination. The two types of flights are domestic flights and international flights. Flights from one place to another in the same country are domestic flights. For example: if the flight is from Dhaka to Cox Bazar, it is a domestic flight. It is not necessary to show your passport when traveling on domestic airlines. But if there is a flight from Dhaka to New York, it will be an international flight. For international flights, you must have to show your passport.

Domestic flights has various routes in Bangladesh. They are:

  • Domestic flight Dhaka to cox’s Bazar
  • Domestic flight Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Domestic flight Dhaka to Sylhet
  • Domestic flight Dhaka to Barisal
  • Domestic flight Dhaka to Jessore
  • Domestic flight Dhaka to Rajshahi

Domestic Air Ticket Price In Bangladesh 2024 (Updated List)

I shared the update air ticket price of different airlines on different routes. Air ticket prices may go up or down based on the demands or for various reasons.

Airlines NameDhaka-Cox’s Bazar ticket priceDhaka-Chittagong ticket price Dhaka-Sylhet ticket priceDhaka-Jessore ticket priceDhaka-Saidpur ticket priceDhaka-Barishal ticket priceDhaka-Rajshahi ticket price
Biman Bangladesh Airlines4800 to 9300 Taka 3700 to 7300 Taka3500 to 7300 Taka 3200 to 7300 Taka 3500 to 7300 Taka3000 to 7300 Taka 3900 to 7300 Taka
US-BANGLA AIRLINES5200 to 8700 Taka3699 to 8400 Taka3499 to 8400 Taka3199 to 8400 Taka3499 to 8400 Taka3499 to 8400 Taka4499 to 8400 Taka
NOVOAIR5699 to 9200 Taka3699 to 7900 Taka3499 to 7900 Taka3199 to 7900 Taka3499 to 7900 Taka3499 to 7900 Taka4499 to 7900 Taka
List of Domestic Air Ticket Price In Bangladesh 2024

FAQ about BD Domestic Air Ticket Price

How to Get Cheap Domestic Flights in Bangladesh?

There are certain ways to get a cheap domestic air ticket in Bangladesh. Airlines offer cheap tickets on various occasions. Early booking of flights will also allow you to have a cheap flight. Because the ticket price may increase at the last minute due to the demand for the ticket. So it is always better to book your flight early to get a cheap flight.

5 airlines are operating domestic flights in Bangladesh. These 5 airlines are Biman Bangladesh, US-Bangla, Regent Airways, Novoair, and United Airlines. If one wants to get cheap domestic flights, one will have to compare prices between these four airlines. In some destinations, the ticket fee of these airlines is different. So, in that case, one can choose the flight which will be cheaper.

Booking or buying tickets early can also help you get cheap domestic flights. Ticket prices may increase at the last minute due to increased demand. But if someone buys a ticket earlier, he can buy it cheaper. Check out the ticket prices of different airlines for special offers and discounts on your ticket.

Why Should Buy BD Domestic Air Ticket Online?

Today, education from universities to offices – all take place online. You can also buy domestic air tickets online. Buying tickets online will save you time and energy. You can buy or book domestic air tickets online. Check out also before purchasing tickets online to find out about special offers and discounts.

Why you should travel by air?

  • To avoid getting stuck and save time: Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world. As a result, we generally have to face congested streets wherever we go in Bangladesh. But traveling by plane can help you avoid these crowded streets and also save you time. For example, it will take about 10 hours to travel from Dhaka to Cox Bazar by bus or train. It may also take longer on holidays and festivals when there is a rush on the street. But if you travel by air, it will take only 1 hour! So you can save a lot of your precious time when traveling by plane.
  • To stay energetic: Traveling by bus or train will make you tired. Traveling by bus or train generally takes a lot of time and is not that convenient. But traveling by plane is a very comfortable experience. You will stay fully energized while traveling by plane.
  • To avoid accidents: In addition, thousands of people die in our country every year when traveling by bus or train due to accidents. If you travel by plane, you can have a safer journey. Traveling by air is the safest way in our country.
domestic air ticket price in bangladesh

How to book a domestic air ticket?

It was very easy to book a domestic flight. You can easily book a domestic ticket online. Purchasing air tickets online is very convenient. People can buy tickets online while sitting at home. They can pay with mobile payments or other convenient methods. The option of buying air tickets online has made it easier for people to buy tickets. People can buy and reserve advance tickets in no time online.

The process of buying a BD domestic ticket online is very simple. You just need to make a payment first. After making the payment, you will receive a secret PIN. You will need to show the secret PIN at the airline counter. You will then receive an air ticket. Click below to book domestic flights in Bangladesh online.

Why you should book your flights in advance?

Booking a ticket in advance certainly brings you several advantages. You can conveniently prepare for the trip and also plan your schedule. Also, sometimes the ticket may not be available recently due to a rush of customers. You can save yourself from this situation by booking your flight in advance. Sometimes it can also happen that the ticket price increases at the last minute due to demand. In that case, you can have tickets at a cheaper price if you booked the flight in advance.

Final Words on Domestic Air Ticket Price In Bangladesh

The number of people who travel on domestic routes is increasing. Especially on occasions like Eid or holidays, many people choose to travel by air to avoid traffic jams. But many people who travel by air do not know that they can get special discounts on airline tickets. To learn more about offers and discounts on domestic flights, visit the official site.

That’s all the information to help you know about domestic airlines in Bangladesh ticket prices. I hope this article about BD domestic air ticket prices helps you. You can check out other types of ticket prices such as bus or train tickets, and hotel prices on our website. You can share your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you so much for visiting our website!

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Disclaimer: Above mentioned domestic flights in Bangladesh’s schedule may change without prior notice for technical, environmental, or other reasons. Please confirm your domestic flights in Bangladesh carefully with your travel agent. Domestic air ticket price in Bangladesh can be changed anytime by the authority.

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