IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh -Rimso, Hamko, Saif, Walton 

Looking for the best IPS battery in Bangladesh? Let’s see all brands’ IPS battery price in Bangladesh 2024 such as Rahimafrooz, Volvo, Rimso, Hamko, Saif, Walton, Apollo, Lucas, Spark, Luminous, etc. People use either Flat or Tubular batteries as IPS batteries. The most common IPS Battery is the 12 Volt Tubular Battery. There are many available capacity in IPS batteries such as 12v 200ah, 12v 165ah, 12v 150ah, 12v 130ah, 12v 100ah etc. If you want to get more electricity backup, you need a big capacity battery such as 12v 165ah or 12v 200ah.

Nowadays load-shedding increases in city and village areas. IPS batteries are demandable to all Bangladeshi families. Always try to buy a good and big capacity battery if you want to get more back time. See all models of IPS battery price in Bangladesh 2024 and their specifications. Don’t miss to read the below FAQ section to know IPS battery backup calculation and IPS battery water price in Bangladesh.

All IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh 2024 -(Rahimafrooz, Hamko, Saif, Walton, Rimso, Apollo, Lucas, Spark, Luminous)

The IPS battery price in Bangladesh starts from 10,500 Taka and up to 28,000 Taka. You should know the all brands of IPS battery’s recent prices. Otherwise, they can take more money from you. See below all brand’s IPS battery price in Bangladesh with their capacity.

Rahimafrooz IPS Battery Price List 2024

Rahimafrooz IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. is one of the largest lead-acid battery manufacturers in Bangladesh. The company is one of the leading regional players and export to more than 44 countries around the world. Rahimafrooz manufactures about 200 different varieties of batteries for automotive, motorcycle, IPS, and other applications in its factory located at West Panisail, Zirani Bazaar, and Gazipur. See below the 12 Volt Rahimafrooz IPS battery price list for 2024

  • Rahimafrooz Battery 100ah Price – 14,500 BDT
  • Rahimafrooz Battery 120ah Price – 18,700 BDT
  • Rahimafrooz Battery 150ah Price – 22,900 BDT
  • Rahimafrooz Battery 200ah Price – 27,000 BDT

The Rahimafrooz Tubular Battery price 150ah is 24,500 BDT and Rahimafrooz Battery 200ah price in Bangladesh is 27,000 BDT.



Hamko IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Hamko IPS Battery Price

Hamko has many types and capacities of batteries. Let’s see the Hamko IPS battery price in Bangladesh 2024.

  • Hamko Battery HPD 100 Price – 14,500 BDT
  • Hamko Battery HPD 130 Price – 17,500 BDT
  • Hamko Battery HPD 165 Price – 21,850 BDT
  • Hamko Battery HPD 180 Price – 23,500 BDT
  • Hamko Battery HPD 200 Price – 26,500 BDT

The Hamko Battery 200ah Price in Bangladesh is 26,500 BDT. ‘


Saif Power IPS Battery Price List

Saif Power IPS Battery Price

SAIF POWER LTD is the name that believes in offering superior products repeatedly without deteriorating its standard whether that be goods or services. Saif Power battery is so very popular in Bangladesh. See below Saif Power IPS Battery Price List:

  • Saif Power Battery 100ah Price – 14,000 BDT
  • Saif Power Battery 150ah Price – 16,500 BDT
  • Saif Power Battery 165ah Price – 19,500 BDT
  • Saif Power Battery 200ah Price – 26,000 BDT

The Saif Power Battery 200ah Price in Bangladesh is 26,000 BDT and Saif Power tall Tubular Battery price of 200ah is 26,500 BDT.



Walton IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Walton has small, medium, and big-size batteries. They also have a maintenance-free battery which means you need not fill distill water for battery maintenance purposes. See below Walton battery price: Walton Power Master Battery Price is from 3,200 BDT to 5,200 BDT.

Rimso IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Rimso IPS Battery Price
  • Rimso Battery 100ah Price – 14,500 BDT
  • Rimso Battery 150ah Price – 16,900 BDT
  • Rimso Battery165ah Price – 18,900 BDT
  • Rimso Battery 200ah Price – 25,500 BDT

The Rimso Battery 200ah Price in Bangladesh is 25,500 BDT.


Other Brands of IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh 2024


  • Volvo ips battery price in Bangladesh -From 12,500 BDT to 15,500 BDT
  • Apollo battery 200ah price in Bangladesh -20,500 BDT
  • Rangs ips battery price in Bangladesh -From 15,500 BDT to 21,500 BDT
  • Navana ips battery price in Bangladesh -From 13,500 BDT to 20,500 BDT
  • Spark ips battery price in Bangladesh -From 12,500 BDT to 18,500 BDT
  • Lucas ips battery price in Bangladesh -From 14,500 BDT to 22,500 BDT
  • Luminous ips with battery price in Bangladesh -From 12,500 BDT to 42,500 BDT

FAQ About IPS Battery in Bangladesh

What is the Best IPS Battery in Bangladesh?

There are many IPS batteries in Bangladesh, but the best IPS battery is the one that fits your needs. Try to use Tubular Battery in your IPS. Tubular Batteries are better than normal Flat Batteries. The most used and best IPS batteries in Bangladesh are Hamko, Saif Power, Rimso, etc. They provide approx. 18 months of battery warranty.

IPS Battery Backup Time Calculation

The Battery Backup Time formula is:

Backup Time (in hours) = Battery Capacity (in Ah) X Input voltage (V) X Efficiency of Battery / Total Load (in Watts)

Note: Generally Efficiency of Battery= 0.75- 0.80, which is the max. power factor of home standard

Let us assume that you have an inverter or IPS battery with 150Ah of capacity and 12V of input voltage. You want 3 tube lights, 4 fans, and 1 Wi-Fi router to run on that battery. So, what will be your inverter IPS battery backup time, and how long will your appliances run in this specific case? Let’s find out. 

Taking your input power into consideration, you can calculate your total load, like:

  • 3 tube lights = 30 x 3 = 90 Watts
  • 4 fans = 90 x 4 = 360 Watts
  • 1 Wi-Fi router = 1×20 Watts = 20 Watts

So, the total load in your case is 90 + 360 + 20 = 470 Watts. Now, let us apply all these values in the above-said battery backup time formula. 

The Backup Time (in hours) = 150 x 12 x 0.8 / 470 = 3.06 hours. So, your IPS battery will last approx. 3 hours 3 minutes to keep your needed appliances running. 

IPS Battery Water Price in Bangladesh

You can buy Distilled Water for IPS Battery at prices in Bangladesh approx. 150 Taka for 5 Liters.

How Can I Take Care of or Maintenance of IPS Battery?

  • Avoid flames, sparks & smoking near the battery.
  • To obtain optimum service life out of the battery avoid a deep discharge cycle.
  • The battery needs a sufficient recharge after every discharge.
  • Use an insulated tool while working on the battery.
  • Use protective goggles & hand gloves when working on the battery.
  • Top up the battery cell with De-Mineralized (DM) water only, never add acid.
  • Electrolyte level to maintain to the prescribed level.
  • Ensure the proper terminal connection so that the positive terminal gets connected with the positive post and the negative terminal gets connected with the negative post.
  • If the battery is left unused for a longer period, the battery needs to recharge from the prescribed dealer. And after charging the battery, at least 2 hours of rest time is needed for the battery to be used at load.
  • The battery can be cleaned using a wet cloth but ensure the positive and negative terminal doesn’t get short by this.
  • The upper part of the battery needs to be moisture-free and clean.
  • If the connecting slot of the battery clamp, Tray, or Terminal Post gets rusted then clean them using light hot water and use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly there.

Final Thoughts about IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Nowadays IPS battery is very important for our daily lives. Because we can use it in our homes and office. It is very helpful for us. You can buy it from your nearest market. Keep in mind that IPS Battery in Bangladesh prices will vary depending on the retailer, so it is important to compare prices before making a purchase.

I hope, this information on the IPS battery price in Bangladesh helps you. See other posts of different brands of IPS batteries such as Rahimafrooz battery, Rimso battery, Hamko battery, Saif Power battery, Walton battery, Apollo battery, Lucas battery, Volvo battery, Spark battery, Luminous batteries, etc. prices and specifications on our website. You can see other accessories such as IPS machine, Android TV BoxHigh commode and Blender machines prices, etc. If you have any other queries or suggestions regarding the IPS battery in Bangladesh, please comment below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that all information related to IPS battery price in Bangladesh on our page is 100% accurate (Human error is possible). Always try to visit Official Brand website, Local Shops, and Dealers to get the exact price & detailed information about the IPS battery.

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