Blender Price in Bangladesh -LG, Kiam, Vision, Nova, Philips

Are you looking for a blender price in bd? This is the perfect post to know the blender price in Bangladesh 2024. A blender machine can be categorized depending on company brands, cutting devices, and quality. Blender machine has various brands such as LG, Walton, Singer, Vision, Kiam, Miyako, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, RFL, Vigo, Sharp, etc. Let’s find out which one is the best blender in Bangladesh.

Some popular blender machine is 1.5 liter, 1.6 liters, and so on. Blender is essential nowadays for every household works such as making a paste of Onion, Garlic, Ginger, etc. With a blender, you can prepare a healthy and delicious juice or milkshake easily in a short time.

Grinding and chopping the meat, vegetables, and fruit quickly with a little effort. Juicer will make your breakfast and snacks perfect, prepare a healthy and delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice or one of your favorite Nutritious fruit. Let’s see the all brands of blender machine price in Bangladesh.

All Blender Price in Bangladesh 2024 -(LG, Walton, Kiam, RFL, Singer, Panasonic, Miyako, Philips, Vision, Nova, Hawkins, Sharp )

Blender machines are demandable by the young generation of Bangladeshi people, especially housewives, and bachelors. Because of its low price and nice design with amazing features. The blender’s price range starts from 1,500 Taka and up to 8,900 Taka. Always try to buy a good blender machine that has a high-speed blending facility. See all models of blender Price in BD 2024 with their specifications.

List of Blender Price in Bangladesh 2024

Blender Machine ListElectric PowerPrice in BD
Walton Blender250-600 Watt1,450- 4,400 ৳
LG Blender750 Watt1,450- 5,900 ৳
Kiam Blender500 Watt3,400 ৳
Vision RFL Blender 750 Watt3,800 ৳
Nova Blender 250-1000 Watt1,300 ৳
Panasonic Blender400 Watt4,300 ৳
Miyako Blender 600 Watt6,500 ৳
Philips Blender600 Watt8,900 ৳
Sharp Blender 500 Watt4,200 ৳
Vigo Blender400 Watt3,800 ৳
List of blender price in bd 2024

Blender Machine Price in Bangladesh

Walton Blender Price in Bangladesh

Walton Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 1.3 Liter
  • Accessories: 1 Jar, 1 Grinder, 1 Chopper
  • Power: 250 Watt
  • SS Blade to Ensure the Safety
  • Rust Free & Hygienic Bush
  • Overheat Protection to Protect Motor

LG Blender Price in Bangladesh

LG Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 1.4 L Juicer, 1 Ltr Mincer & 0.5 Kg Grinder Jar
  • Power: 750 Watt
  • 100% ABS material Plastic body with Metallic
  • Fully Stainless Steel Blender
  • High-quality SS blade with 6 heads
  • Motor overheat with low noise protection

Kiam Blender Price in Bangladesh

Kiam Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 3 In 1 Blender With Chopper & Grinder
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • 1.5L Stainless Steel Jar
  • 750ml SS Chopper, 300ml SS Grinder
  • Motor overheat Protector
  • Power: 500 Watt

RFL Vision Blender Price in Bangladesh

RFL Vision Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 1.4 L Juicer, 1 Ltr Mincer & 0.5 Kg Grinder Jar
  • Power: 750 Watt
  • 100% ABS material Plastic body with Metallic
  • Fully Stainless Steel Blender
  • High-quality SS blade with 6 heads
  • Motor overheat with low noise protection

Nova Blender Price in Bangladesh

Nova Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 3 push buttons for different speeds
  • Hardened and Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Multiple functions for Juice, Blending, Crashing
  • Unbreakable Plastic Jars
  • Power: 250/300/350/1000 Watts 

Panasonic Blender Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • Jug Capacity: Maximum 1.35 Liter
  • Unique blades prevent food accumulation
  • A lightweight plastic jug
  • Simple design accents any kitchen interior
  • Power consumption: 400 Watt

Miyako Blender Price in BD

Miyako Blender Price in BD
  • Model: YT-4677A-S
  • Blending, grinding, crushing
  • Power: 600 Watt
  • 3 types steel jar
  • Stainless steel blender
  • Copper motor with temperature control

Philips Blender Price in BD

Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 2 Liters Blending Jug Capacity
  • Power: 600 Watt
  • Blender, Chopper & Dry Mill
  • 5 Speed Control & Pulse Option
  • Lock indicator for ready to use
  • Ultra-sharp, long-lasting serrated blades

Sharp Blender Price in BD

Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 1.0 Litre
  • Power: 500 Watt
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Safety Lock
  • 2 speed and pulse control
  • Plastic body

Vigo Blender Price in BD

Vigo Blender Price in Bangladesh
  • 1.5L Juicer, 1.1L Mincer & 0.6Kg Grinder Jar
  • Power: 400 Watt
  • High-quality Stainless steel blade with 4 heads
  • Motor overheat with safety protection
  • Child Safety Interlock
  • Multiple speeds for soft and hard ingredients

FAQ About Blender Machine Price

Which One is the Best Blender in Bangladesh?

It depends on the user or customer’s choice and budget. Many people love different brands of blenders such as Walton, LG, Kiam, Miyako, Singer, Vision, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, RFL, Vigo, Sharp, etc. All brands of blenders are popular in Bangladesh. But the most popular is Walton Blender. Now the choice is yours! Walton has various price ranges for blenders. So you can check it out.

04 Factors You Should Consider When Buying A New Blender Machine

01. Type of Blades

The first important thing, you should check the grinder blade carefully when buying a new blender. The quality of the metal in which it operates is directly related to its performance. Be sure to use a diamond cut, stainless steel blade to make it easier to use. Stainless steel fabrics not only clean but also increase the durability of the product. Diamond-cut blades add to the simplicity as they makes it easy to combine and grind food items into a jiffy.

02. The Material of the Jar

This is another important factor to consider. Although the pot does not affect mixing, it is important to look at the essentials as you put all the ingredients in the containers when using the utensils. To be on the safe side, it is best to choose a polycarbonate glass jar instead of plastic. The reason glass containers do not have BPA which ensure that they do not consume any harmful chemicals. Polycarbonate material, on the other hand, is much stronger than other glass jars, which is why it does not break easily.

03. The speed of the Blender

When choosing a blender and grinder, it is important to consider the speed of operation of the blender. A high-speed blender can do some tasks that standard blenders can do. Whether you need to make almond milk, spice grind, or cream smoothies, a combination of high energy. Working at high speed makes it ideal for a busy morning when you need more time.

04. The capacity of the Blender Jar

Make a point to check the volume of the blender pot. The volume of the blender pot varies between 200ml to 2Liter. To make your job easier, it is advisable to go to a grinder and blender with high power. A large pot makes it easy to mix, blend, and grind many different foods at once. Whether you need to make smoothies, or juices, or grind large family spices, a pot with a large volume will achieve your goal.

Conclusion of Blender Price in BD

The powerful mixer & grinder will surely impress you with their functions. Easy to use and clean, these durable machines are capable of operating with great efficiency. It also saves space. Stainless steel leaves are the cherry on top. Make a dry grind of all dry spices such as chili powder, dhania, Jira, ginger, garlic, etc. Turn solid ingredients into liquid flavors – from smoothies, mixing with milk, and stirring to salad dressing and soups.

I hope, this information on the blender machine price in Bangladesh helps you. See other posts of different brand blenders such as Singer blenderVision blenderKiam blenderMiyako blenderNova blender, Panasonic blender, Philips blender, RFL blender, Vigo blender, LG blender, Sharp blender, Walton blender, Samsung blender, etc. prices and specifications on our website.

You can see also other home appliances such as Rice cookersMicrowave ovens, Air fryers, Induction cookers, Vaccum cleaners prices, etc. Share your comments about the blender price in Bangladesh. Thanks!

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