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Every gas detector calibration is important whether it is Honeywell xnx gas detector calibration or other brands of gas transmitter calibration. All gas detectors require calibration. This is the process of verifying that the gas detector is functioning correctly, and is providing accurate readings. To calibrate a gas detector, you may need a gas detector calibration machine. Do you know the xnx gas detector calibration machine price?

There are two types of calibration:

  • Zero point calibration
  • Span calibration

Zero-point calibration can be performed in the field and does not require the use of actual gas. Simply open the calibration port on the detector, and press the calibration button. If the detector is working correctly, it should provide a reading of zero.

Span calibration requires the use of actual gas. This can be done in the field but is often done in a controlled lab environment. A gas of a known concentration is introduced into the detector, and the detector is adjusted to provide a reading that matches the known concentration.

Calibration should be performed:

  • When the detector is first installed.
  • After each maintenance or repair.
  • At regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) as specified by the manufacturer.

How to do XNX Gas Detector Calibration?

The process for XNX Gas Detector Calibration is very simple. See below the process of Honeywell XNX Gas Detector Calibration.

Process of Honeywell XNX Gas Detector Calibration

  1. Access the programming menus.
  2. Once in the menus select the Calibrate menu and press (✓) key.
  3. Select the Gas Calibration menu and press the (✓) key.
  4. Apply zero gas; when the zero gas reading is stable press the (✓) key to confirm zero calibration.
  5. If the zero calibration is successful, the transmitter will display the Zero Passed screen.
  6. Press the (✓) to perform Span Calibration, select the (✖) to skip the Span Calibration, and return to the Calibration menu.
  7. Enter the concentration of the span gas by using the (+) or (-) switches to increment or decrement the values. Use (✓) to accept the value and move to the next digit. Continue until all digits have been selected.
  8. Apply span calibration gas; when the span reading is stable tap (✓) to confirm span calibration.
  9. If the span calibration is successful, the transmitter will display the Span Passed screen.
  10. When completed the user will be prompted to select either “Exit with Inhibit Off”, “Exit with Inhibit On” or “Do not exit”. 

Calibration is an important step to make sure your gas detector works fine. Xnx gas detector will sound the alarm when the proper threshold is passed. You can do this in the field using a calibration kit, and it only takes a few minutes! You can see the video below to know the XNX Gas Detector Calibration process.

What Are the Types of Gas Detectors?

  • 1. Electrochemical Gas Sensor or detector
  • 2. Catalytic Bead Sensor or detector
  • 3. Infrared Gas Sensor or detector
  • 4. Photoionization Gas Sensor or detector

Video of XNX Gas Detector Calibration Process

In this video, we explained xnx Honeywell gas detector calibration procedure.

FAQ on Gas Detector Calibration

Why Gas Detector Calibration is Important?

Anytime you’re working with a dangerous chemical, you need to have a gas detector on hand. The device will alert you when there is a gas leak, potentially saving you from serious injury or death. But, if your detector hasn’t been calibrated, you won’t be able to trust the readings. If you’re unaware of a gas leak, you could be putting yourself in serious danger. Calibration ensures that your gas detector is working properly, so you can trust that it will alert you when there’s a problem.

PDF of Honeywell XNX Gas Detector

Honeywell XNX Gas Transmitter is called a Gas sensor. Calibration of  XNX gas sensors is mandatory before the detector can be used for gas monitoring. You can read PDF Section 6.1 – Calibration for the proper Honeywell XNX Gas Detector. So, Download now PDF of Honeywell XNX Gas Detector.

XNX Gas Detector Calibration

Pros and Cons of XNX Gas Detector Calibration

Pros of Gas Detector Calibration

The main advantage of gas detector calibration services is that they can help ensure the safety of your employees. This is because, with regular calibration, you can be sure that the gas detectors that you have are working correctly. Additionally, gas detector calibration can also help improve the efficiency of your gas detectors, which can lead to a decrease in the number of false alarms.

Another advantage of gas detector calibration services is that they can help you save money on your gas detector maintenance costs. By calibrating your gas detectors regularly, you can avoid having to replace them as often, which can save you a significant amount of money over time. Additionally, by calibrating your gas detectors, you can also avoid having to purchase new gas detectors, which can further reduce your maintenance costs.

Cons of Gas Detector Calibration

The main disadvantage of gas detector calibration services is that they can be relatively expensive. In addition, gas detector calibration services can also be time-consuming, and you may need to hire a professional service to perform the calibration for you.

Final Words on XNX Gas Detector Calibration

However, some final words of advice for those performing XNX gas detector calibration work would be to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and to always use fresh, clean calibration gas when performing any type of calibration work. Additionally, it is important to make sure that all connections are secure and that all valves and hoses are in good working order before beginning any type of calibration work.

I hope this article on “How to do XNX gas detector calibration” helps you to know the process of Honeywell gas detector calibration. Tell us which Brands of gas detector or Transmitter you like most. See other posts of different brands of gas stoves such as Miyako Gas StovesGazi Gas StovesWalton gas stoves, Omera gas stoves,  Sharif gas stoves, LG gas stoves, Singer gas stoves, and Vision gas stoves prices on our website. Thanks!

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