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Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh -LG, Panasonic, Nova, Walton

Are you looking for a rice cooker price in BD? This is the perfect post to know the rice cooker price in Bangladesh 2023. A rice cooker can be categorized depending on company brands, capacity, and quality. Rice cooker has various brands such as LG rice cooker, Singer rice cooker, Vision rice cooker, Walton rice cooker, Hawkins rice cooker, Kiam rice cooker, Miyako rice cooker, Nova rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker, Philips rice cooker, RFL rice cooker, Sharif rice cooker, prestige rice cooker, hamko rice cooker, Vigo rice cooker, marcel rice cooker, sharp rice cooker, etc. Some popular rice cooker capacity is 1 liter, 1.8 liters, 2.2 liters, 2.8 liters, and 3 liters.

Let’s see the multicooker, electric cooker, small or mini rice cooker, curry cooker, and best rice cooker price in bd. The rice cooker is essential nowadays for every home and bachelor house. There are many different types of rice cooker brands in Bangladesh with different price ranges etc.

You should see each of the rice cooker prices and specifications before purchasing it. Rice cookers are demandable to the young generation of Bangladeshi people, especially for housewives, Single person, bachelors, young and old people also.

All Brands Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh 2023 -(LG, Panasonic, Nova, Kiam, Philips, Singer, Walton, Hawkins, Miyako, Vision, RFL )

The rice cooker price in Bangladesh starts from 1,500 Taka to 5,000 Taka. Always try to buy good Rice cookers which have a big capacity with low electric consumption. Because a good Rice cooker will give you hassle-free cooking. See all models of Rice cooker price in BD 2023 and their specifications.

Walton Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh

Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-SGAM28

rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 2.8 Liters
  • Combination of Aluminum and SS Inner pot
  • Usable for 1.8-2.0 KG uncooked rice
  • Safety thermostat for electrical safety
  • Easy to clean and removable inner pot

Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-SGA220

rice cooker price in bd
  • Capacity: 2.2 Liters
  • Outer body with an aluminum food steamer
  • Non-Stick double inner pot
  • Safety thermostat for electrical safety
  • Easy to clean and Anti-bacterial

Other Brand’s Rice Cooker Price in BD

Kiam Rice Cooker (Double Pot Drum)

kiam rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 2.8 Liters
  • Measuring cup and spoon
  • Aluminum inner pot non-stick coating
  • Automatic heat control (thermostat)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Kiam Rice Cooker (Stainless Steel)

best rice cooker price in bd
  • Capacity: 2.8 Liters
  • 1 Pcs SS pot & 1 Pcs Nonstick Pot
  • Safety thermostat for electrical safety
  • 1000 W power, cooking rice in 15-20 min
  • Warranty: 2 years

Singer Rice Cooker (Power: 900W)

singer rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 2.2 Liters
  • Metal Housing with Flower Pattern
  • Inner pot nonstick coating inside
  • Over-Heat Protector and Energy Saving
  • Warranty: 1 year

Miyako Rice Cooker Price in BD

Miyako rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 1.2 Liters
  • Model: MRC-512 YLD
  • Aluminum Cooking 2 Pot
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Power: 800 Watt

Panasonic Rice Cooker (For Bachelor)

Panasonic rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 0.6 Liter/ 600 ml
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Aluminum Inner Pan
  • Bachelor Cooker Type
  • Power: 300 watt

Nova Rice Cooker (Model: NRC1.8E)

Nova rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters
  • Single Aluminium Inner Pot
  • Safety Thermal Fuse
  • Automatic Keep Warm
  • Power: 700 Watt

LG Rice Cooker (Model: LG-732)

LG rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 2.8 Liters
  • Measuring cup and spoon
  • Safety Indicator Lights
  • Automatic Keep Warm Function
  • Power: 1000 Watt

Vision RFL Rice Cooker Price in BD

RFL Vision rice cooker price in bangladesh
  • Capacity: 3 Liters
  • Full SS Body and thickness 0.28mm
  • Nonstick removable pot
  • Automatic heat control (thermostat)
  • Power: 1100 Watt

List of Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh 2023

Rice Cooker ListCapacity/ SizePrice in BD
Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-SGAM282.8 Liters2,750 ৳
Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-SGA2202.2 Liters2,250 ৳
Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-SGA1801.8 Liters2,000 ৳
Walton Rice Cooker Model: WRC-MS3203.2 Liters2,500 ৳
Kiam Rice Cooker Model: SFB-5021.8 Liters2,000 ৳
Kiam Rice Cooker Model: SFB-5042.8 Liters2,350 ৳
Singer Rice Cooker2.2 Liters2,000 ৳
Miyako Rice Cooker 1.2 Liters1,950 ৳
Panasonic Rice Cooker (For Bachelor)0.6 Liter/ 600 ml2,860 ৳
Nova Rice Cooker1.8 Liters1,550 ৳
LG Rice Cooker 2.8 Liters2,500 ৳
Vision RFL Rice Cooker3 Liters2,750 ৳
List of rice cooker price in bd 2023

Details about Rice Cooker

The rice cooker is one of the latest developments. Cooking rice was never fun until a rice cook was established. The invention of the rice cooker has made rice cooked into a delicious toy. Now mothers no longer complain about electricity or oil problems because they have found a rice cooker to cook the rice.

Various types of rice cooks are now available in Bangladesh but buying those from the regular markets is difficult because the local store owner does not keep all the varieties of rice cooked in their store. As a result, you may not find the actual rice cooking model you want.

Types of Cookers:

Electric Cooker: An electric cooker can be a common type of cooking in many homes. The electric cooking range consists of four different size electric coils connected to an electric conductor under the stove. There are different types and sizes of electrical outlets. The standard size is 600 mm deep and 1000 mm wide. This type has a built-in oven that can also be used simultaneously with a top-grade cook.

The electric coil heats up quickly and with modern models with dual-watt coils, the coil set can be compared to the size of the pan used. When you heat a small pot, it heats only the inner coils.

Gas Cookers: Gas cookers usually allow you to control the heat source effectively. The heat is fast and accurate as it does not take long for the gas flame to “heat” up. The gas burner is a cook that you can choose to remove immediately when it is very hot. There are cooktops that can be converted into a griddle or grill, depending on the type of product and model.

Rice Cooker Makes Life Easier

Technology has not only expanded the telecommunications sector but also improved all spheres including kitchen life. Thanks to advanced technology, the world has been introduced to modern recipes. And with this presentation came the need for kitchen items with new cutting features. Today with such high-quality recipes, people can have a clever cooking experience.

Since rice is a traditional food of Bangladesh, people cook it in the traditional way. The traditional method is a type of hard work that needs constant monitoring and encouragement. You need to look and feel warm. With a new electric rice cooker, you can say goodbye to that old traditional way of cooking rice.

Electric Rice Cooker Cooking Process

Thanks to electric rice cooking, you can easily cook rice and cook it as well as you wanted. And that is why the demand for rice cookers in Bangladesh is so high when it comes to smart kitchen appliances. The process of cooking with a rice cooker is not difficult that is very simple.

  • First, using a measuring cup, measure the amount of rice you want to cook.
  • Thoroughly clean the rice to remove any impurities.
  • Place the rice inside the cooker’s inner bowl and spread it evenly.
  • Add the right amount of water needed to cook the rice.
  • Close the rice cooker’s lid.
  • Connect the rice cooker to the electric power supply connection.
  • Open the rice cooker and you will see a light indicating that cooking has started.
  • When the cooking is complete, the light will change to a warm mode indicating that the cook is now keeping the rice warm.
  • Add the rice and serve.
  • Disconnect the rice cooker from power.
  • Clean the rice cooker thoroughly so that there is no food waste that could interfere with cooking.

Benefits of A Rice Cooker

If you cook with a rice cooker, you will have many benefits that will make your cooking life much easier. Here are some of the benefits that will make your cooking easier.

  • Automatic Cooking– If you are cooking with a rice cooker, you do not need to be involved in this process as you use it during the traditional or traditional method. when the cooking is complete, the rice cooker will automatically stop even if the electrical connection is ON. This way you will not have overcooked or overcooked rice.
  • Even the same cooking– If you cook on the stove, you are more likely to cook more rice below. With the rice cook, the heat is evenly distributed, so it is well cooked.
  • Uncooked rice – The biggest problem when cooking rice is that it sticks. A rice cooker is a solution to this problem. They cook in such a way that the grain is separated.
  • More cooking – With rice cooking you cook not only rice but also breakfast cereals like oatmeal. You can also add vegetables to it.
  • Multiple Settings– now you have the option to cook different types of cereal with many setting options.

So why waste your efforts cooking rice as an old traditional method? Get the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with new modern technology that will give you a smart cooking experience when you don’t need to sweat. We promise you that this experience can be something you don’t want to miss out on for any money. Rice chefs are designed and work to give you nothing but perfection in cooking and let you relax during cooking. All you have to do is install everything and let our electric cooker do something else.

How to Choose the Best Rice Cooker?

Af first you should see the Rice Cookers capacity. If you have a big family with 4-8 members you can choose a 2.8 Liter size. If you have fewer members or a bachelor, you can choose 1.2 Liter Rice Cooker. Now you have to consider its power. Because more power needs more electricity cost. A 1000 Watt rice cooker will consume more electricity than a 700 Watt cooker.

With the advent of technology, people have begun to follow modern cooking methods. These methods have increased the need to use kitchen appliances with the latest features. Most kitchen utensils available these days use high-quality details that help make cooking easier and faster. Whether you want to improve your cooking skills with cooking utensils or you want to reduce the time you spend preparing food.

Conclusion of Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh

Buying a single rice cooker, and searching the entire market can be difficult. Thinking about their customers, has added all kinds of rice cooker price with specifications. You can check out the website and find out for yourself what they have in store for you! A rice cooker can help you to cook rice and eat it at any time.

A rice cooker saves valuable time and you do not need to spend a lot of time cooking rice. Cook rice every day with a rice cooker and see how easy your health is. Buy electric rice cookers with brands like Kiam rice cooker, LG rice cookers, Miyako rice cooker, Nova rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker, Philips rice cooker, RFL rice cooker, Singer rice cooker, Vigo rice cooker, Vision rice cooker, Walton rice cooker, and many more. This cheap rice cooker sells at a lower price, you can easily buy it and make your life easier than before.

I hope, this information on rice cooker price helps you. See other posts on different household items such as Induction Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Microwave ovenBlender machine, and Air fryer prices, and specifications on our website. Share your comments about the rice cooker price in bd. Thanks!

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Disclaimer: Rice cooker price in Bangladesh may be ups and downs by the specific company, Local Shops, and Dealers. We do not guarantee that all information related to the rice cooker on our page is 100% accurate (Human error is possible). Always try to visit Official Brand Pages, Local Shops, and Dealers to get the exact rice cooker price.

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