Induction Cooker Price in Bangladesh -Walton, LG, Miyako etc

Let’s see all induction cooker price in Bangladesh 2023. Popular induction cooker brands are Walton, LG, Vision,  Miyako, Philips, Kiam, Singer, RFL, Prestige, etc. An induction cooker is known as an electric Chula. some people call it the electric stove, infrared cooker also.

The induction cooker is essential nowadays for smart homes and bachelor houses. An induction cooker can be categorized depending on company brands, power wattage, and quality. Let’s know the details of an electric cooker or electric Chula to cook rice, curry, and other things.

There are many different types of induction cooker brands in Bangladesh with different price ranges etc. You should see each of the induction cooker prices and specifications before purchasing it. Induction cookers are demandable to the young generation of Bangladeshi people, especially for housewives, Single people, bachelors, young and old people also.

All Brands Induction Cooker Price in Bangladesh 2023 -(LG, Walton, Kiam, RFL, Singer, Miyako, Philips, Vision)

The induction cookers’ price range starts from 3,500 Taka and up to 8,900 Taka. Always try to buy good induction cookers which have a big capacity with low electric consumption. Because a good induction cooker will give you hassle-free cooking. See all models of induction cooker Prices in BD 2023 and their specifications.

All Brands Electric Stove/ Electric Chula Price in Bangladesh

Walton induction Cooker Model: WI-F15

  • Up to 1800W for fast cooking
  • Adjustable wattage from 120watt to 1800 watt
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Multiple temperature sensor technologies
  • CHILD LOCK for safety operation
  • Multi-intelligent cooking (Cook, Water boil, Warm, Soup, Fry, Roti/Dosa, Milk/Tea)

LG Induction Cooker Model: LIG-268

  • Up to 2200W for fast cooking
  • Touch model mood.4 digital led displays.
  • 8 power/temperature levels for adjustment.
  • shut off the lack of pot or the pot is empty.
  • High/low heating or voltage protection.
  • multiple functions and time settings.
  • Electricity consumption can be check

Other Brand of Induction Cooker/ Infrared Cooker/ Electric Chula

Miyako Induction Cooker

  • Up to 2200W for fast cooking
  • 8 cooking menus power levels
  • 800-degree high temperature
  • Durable glass plate & Smokeless
  • 90% Energy Saving
  • Anti-magnetic technology
  • Easy cleaning
  • 70% Fast Cooking

Kiam Induction Cooker

  • 8-stage Power setting with 4 digits LED display.
  • The top panel is Made of Integral Toughened glass.
  • Super Heat Resistant, Permanent Resistant To Discoloration.
  • 60-270 degree Temperature adjustment.
  • Auto shut-off & Overheat safety protection.
  • Touch sensor control.
  • Strong Fire Power Up to 2000 Watt
  • Electricity consumption Display.

Philips Infrared Cooker/ Electric Chula

  • 5 healthy cooking menus
  • 2100W high power for faster cooking
  • 24 hours preset timer function for delayed cooking
  • Full glass panel. Cool to touch surface
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Sensitive sensor touch operational panel
  • 5 power levels to meet all cooking needs with Cooking time settings

Vision Infrared Cooker/ Electric Stove

  • Up to 2000W for fast cooking
  • 8-stage power setting with the child lock option
  • Functions are: Hot pot, water, warm, milk, Stir-fry, soup
  • 4 digit display with touch sensor control
  • 60-270℃ temperature adjust with 3 hours timer
  • High thermal efficiency, save energy 50%
  • Ceramic temper glass, superheat & permanent resistant to discoloration

List of Induction Cooker Price in Bangladesh 2023

Induction Cooker ListElectric PowerPrice in BD
Walton Induction Cooker1800 Watt4,590 ৳
LG Induction Cooker2200 Watt4,280 ৳
Miyako Induction Cooker2200 Watt5,200 ৳
Kiam Induction Cooker 2000 Watt4,250 ৳
Philips Infrared Cooker/ Electric Chula2100 Watt8,820 ৳
Vision Infrared/ Induction Cooker2000 Watt3,400 ৳
Gazi Smiss Infrared Cooker 2000 Watt4,800 ৳
Vigo Induction Cooker2000 Watt3,450 ৳
List of Induction cooker price in bd

Details on Induction Cooker

The Induction cooker is one of the latest developments. Now mothers no longer complain about the oil/ smoke problem because they have found an Induction cooker to cook the rice. Various types of Induction cooks are now available in Bangladesh but buying those from the regular markets.

Introductory cooktops are slowly gaining entry into new kitchens everywhere. The benefits of these machines are great in number and information is spreading. As it happens, a lot of people find themselves asking – but what about import recipes? That’s why we thought we would take some time to find out what import recipes are and how they can help you use them.

Imagine trying to heat a pot to boil water on top of your stove. Now, consider putting a pile of newspaper between the stove and the pot. Will they burn? If you have a regular gas or electric stove, the answer will be – yes, indeed! However, this is not true of the import cooktop. In fact, the cooking area stays cool when you touch it.

Electric Cooker Makes Life Easier

Thanks to advanced technology, the world has been introduced to modern recipes. And with this presentation came the need for kitchen items with new and awesome features. With a new electric cooker, it’s time to say goodbye to that old traditional way of cooking rice. Just remember, because it uses magnets to transfer heat, the type of pan you use should be suitable for this method of cooking.

There are pans such as aluminum and copper that do not have the required magnetic strength. Stainless steel is the best choice. You will find that cookware will have a mark and note designed for cooking recipes listed at the bottom of the pan or box. This means that there is a heavy metal floor that will work to absorb heat.

05 Benefits of A Induction cooker

So why waste your efforts cooking rice and other things as an old traditional method? Grab this opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with new modern technology that will give you a smart cooking experience when you don’t need to sweat. All you have to do is install everything and let the induction or electric cooker do something else.

The induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field to heat only the pot, leaving the whole area and the cooking area – cool when touched. Yes, you read that right. It is a heat-free cooking method that works only on the surface of the magnet and the magnets in your containers to transfer heat and cooking.

So, you cook it the way you used to, but the heat is produced directly in a pot or pan – not with electricity or gas. While it may seem very different from what you are used to, there are many benefits to choosing an induction cooktop for your kitchen.

Speed Cooking

One of the most frequently mentioned benefits of speeding cookies is cooking. It is quick to cook using this method because the stove does not have to heat the oven, which in turn burns the pan. It goes straight to heating the pan – and the food. Passing through the face means faster cooking speed. How many times have you watched – waiting for a pot of water to boil? With an import cooktop, you will save a lot of your time.

Energy Efficient

When you cook, you not only need energy for something you use – like a cooktop – but also use the extra energy from others, like your air conditioner. If you often find yourself in the kitchen cooking, you will find that your kitchen looks hot and warm. This can happen even with a distance hood or other ventilation system. By cooking in a way that does not cause overheating, you reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the kitchen floor.

That is not all. Introductory cooktops are more energy-efficient than other top stove options for another reason. They just need less cooking time because you heat the pan directly, rather than heating the pot and pot. And the less time you spend using your tools, the less energy you will use. So, win-win.

Security & Safety

If you are like most people, you probably feel comfortable in the kitchen, despite the dangers of working with fire, grease, and oil. Introductory cooktops strive to reduce the risk of personal injury, which is great if you have small hands eager to hear in the kitchen. For this reason, imported cookies are ideal for families with children.

Temperature Control

How often do you try to follow a recipe that says you bring the ingredients into your gut, and then you sweat? There are many recipes to go with, but it is not always easy. As soon as you put it down to boil, the food in the pot continues to boil. Why? Because the burner has to cool down. After all, you just got it from the hottest to the lowest heat.

This is not a problem when it comes to importing cookies. You can even change the temperature slightly and it will change the temperature faster. There is no need to wait for something to get hot or cold. Its precise temperature controls lead to a nice and pleasant finish.

Easy to clean

Cooking cooktops also bring the ability to simply clean themselves by wiping the floor with a soft sponge. There is no baked or roasted food because the cooking area is not hot enough to allow this problem to occur. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waiting until it’s cool before you can clean it. Just take a soft rib or a soft sponge, wipe the floor, and you’re done. It is as quick to clean as it is to cook.

Conclusion of Induction Cooker Price in BD

Buying a single induction cooker, and searching the entire market can be difficult. An induction cooker can help you to cook rice and other delicious food at any time. An induction cooker saves valuable time and you do not need to spend a lot of time cooking rice. Cook rice every day with an induction cooker and see how easy your health is.

Buy electric rice cookers with brands like Walton, Kiam, LG, Miyako, Philips, Vision, and many more. This cheap induction cooker sells at a lower price, you can easily buy it and make your life easier than before.

You will save time, increase safety, and enjoy the ability to cook at moderate temperatures. You will never want to go back to cooking or gas cooking again. I hope, this information on induction cooker price in Bangladesh 2023 helps you. See other posts of different household items such as Rice cooker, Microwave oven, Blender machine, and Vacuum cleaner prices, and specifications on our website. Share your comments about the induction cooker price in bd. Thanks!

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